Posted by: Tracy | July 20, 2009

Vivian Høxbro’s tools Tools.

I’m addict to tools and it’s extremely nice to see what the professionals use!

Posted by: Tracy | July 20, 2009

Russian craft tutorials

Быть женщиной – это интересно!.

A large collection of photo tutorials including patterns on crocheting, as well as many other interesting things if you can find the links. 🙂

Posted by: Tracy | July 16, 2009

Paper-cut Rose Windows


Posted by: Tracy | July 15, 2009

Amigurumi | Cute Amigurumi!

Cute Amigurumi!.

Just like its name, this blog contains a bunch of CUTE amigurumi dolls, a lot of famous video game characters,  as well as Hobbes from Calvin and Hobbes!

Posted by: Tracy | July 13, 2009



One of the best foxes I’ve seen.

Posted by: Tracy | July 6, 2009

Home Work, 1891.

MYpicot blog : » Blog Archive » Home Work, 1891..

Very old crochet patterns and very new crocheted pieces.

The Ants Go Marching, Set Of 6 and other Outdoor | Sundance Catalog.

I don’t like real ants, but these are just too cute!

A Little Hut – Patricia Zapata: cricut expression – review part 1.

Patricia is always on my list of top paper artists and Cricut Expressions just sneaked into my wish-list.

Posted by: Tracy | May 10, 2009

Tutorial: Card-board Vase

The tutorial is short and clear. That’s a lot of cutting, however, worthwhile.

Posted by: Tracy | May 8, 2009

Windflower Embroidery

Windflower Embroidery » More Pin Tins.

The tins are absolutely lovely! There are also many tutorials, free patterns and a nicely prepared stitch guide available on the website.

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